ποιοτικά, μοναδικά και διαχρονικά χειροποίητα δώρα!


Create your own..!

Coasters are in themselves a part of our everyday life. Whether they are in our kitchen or in our living room or on our outdoor table.We propose original solutions that can be customized to design and coloring without limitation. Natural or colored, plain or with pyrography. Moreover, we can create designs that are combined to complement one set.

Something unusual!

The love and love we hold for the handmade is the secret of our success.So in this case the passion with which we create gives the result a unique value.Hence, each product is separate and different.

Ideal gift-proposal

Whether it’s for coffee / tea at home or it’s for a bonbonniere or a gift in a christening / wedding, handmade coasters will always have a place in your choices.

Our collection

Below you can see some of our creations.And remember that any idea or plan can be implemented in practice. In regards to any inquiries you can always contact us. If you wish to see more, you can Like Us on Facebook!