backgammon boards

ποιοτικά, μοναδικά και διαχρονικά χειροποίητα δώρα!

backgammon boards

for the ones that love the game..!

The handmade backgammon board is for the lovers of the game. We are able to create special handmade backgammon boards for your unique ones. The interior decoration can be done with unlimited patterns and designs. The outer / perimeter frame can be simple, carved or in customized to any preference.

Something that will last forever!

A handmade backgammon board is something that does not go unnoticed. It can be a unique gem that will stand out.

Ideal gift-proposal

It can be a unique gift for the ones that the appreciate and adore the game.

Our collection

Below you can see some of the boards we have created so far. Again, we can bring any idea to life. Make sure you contact us and we can create the desired color and unique creation that can match your taste. If you wish to see more, you can Like Us on Facebook!