handmade bonbonniere

ποιοτικά, μοναδικά και διαχρονικά χειροποίητα δώρα!

handmade bonbonniere

The gift that will be kept forever…

Our workshop crafts unique handmade bonbonniere for all occasions and of any type, dimension and selection of colors and designs.The most usual bonbonniere types people choose are aged religious icons, aged photography and handmade wood figurines.

There are unlimited options of course. As you can see in our gallery, we have already created wood carved bonbonniere, wooden coasters, kids ideas, book-stands, magnets and many other. We are always at your disposal for any idea you wish to bring to life. Only limitation is the lack of imagination!

The ingredients of success!

The love we have for any handmade product is our secret to success. The passion we put into our handmade bonbonniere gives a unique value to the result. Thus every product is special and unique.

Ideal gift-proposal

A bonbonniere is a gift we offer to a guest of an event; it can be a wedding, a christening or even an anniversary event. The purpose of the present is for the relative or friend to remember that very special moment of your life. Everyone appreciates the value of a hand made product!

Our collection

Below you can see a representative sample of our work. Any idea you might have, we can bring to life. You are more than welcome to communicate with us for any inquiries. If you wish to see more, you can Like Us on Facebook!