wood carved religious icons

ποιοτικά, μοναδικά και διαχρονικά χειροποίητα δώρα!

wood carved religious icons

A very special gift…

The wood carved religious icons of saints with can be a very special gift. The feeling that wood carving refers to in conjunction with any icon of Saint, gives a very unique feeling to the final product. Express in a special way your feelings to your friends and family.

Dimensions – Characteristics

There are no usual dimensions with regard to the wood carved religious icons of saints. We will always be able to create and adapt to whatever size, depending on the type of saint image and its orientation.

An image can be entirely wood-carved or simply with a wood-carved perimeter frame. Wood that is mostly used in wood carving is beechwood and whitewood.

Ideal gift-proposal

A picture of saint with a wood-carved photo frame is an ideal gift for many occasions. It can be made on a birthday, a name day, an anniversary, a wedding or a baptism.

A fully-carved icon of Saint can be a very special and special gift.

Our collection

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